WORLD TOELT in Denmark-Odense

February 2024

One of the world's largest indoor events for Icelandic horses with fiery stallions, magical fair atmosphere and superb sports equipment. Look forward to gait competitions, shows and exhibitors in Arena Fyn!
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Icehorsefestival Denmark/Herning

March 2024

Have you tried being at a music festival? Probably. Then you have an idea of what to expect. ICEHORSE FESTIVAL is reminiscent of a music festival, where you choose your favorite bands and experience music together with friends and other like-minded people. At ICEHORSE FESTIVAL, it's just horses and horse people who take the stage and make the music play for several days.

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WC in The Netherlands

AUGUST 8-13, 2023

The World Championships for Icelandic Horses is an outstanding event in the equestrian world, where hundreds of horses and riders from more than 19 countries gather in Oirschot, the Netherlands to show their best on the oval or pace track. Because the Icelandic horse can show up to four or five gaits, there are many disciplines with opportunities to distinguish themselves. An event such as this attracts many visitors from the entire world!

We welcome all these horses, riders and visitors to Oirschot in 2023, where the WC was also held in 2017. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the Icelandic horse and all that surrounds this unique breed. There will be shops and exhibitors, lectures and presentations, and several bands and artists will perform in the evenings. In short, this is an event where you'll always find something to see or do!

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